ABOUT: 219 Tenth St.

Is you are looking for a small house for you and two other friends, this house is just for you.

Located on South 10th St. this newly remodeled 3 bedroom apartment is a perfect fit for a small group of friends. This apartment features a 40″ flat screen HD TV, new furniture, and so many other great amenities that it is stunning.

Another really great feature about this rental is the patio and outdoor area. We love it!

This great house is next door to Indiana’s favorite Pizza Shop, The Pizza House.

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Housing Facts:

– 3 Bedroom
– 1 Bathroom
– Private Laundry
– Large Living Area
– Large Kitchen


– Newly remodeled apartment
– New furniture
– Completely furnished
– 40’ flat screen tv
– All utilizes included except cable & internet
– Parking available

Where Is It Located?

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